"Magic book! Haha ridiculous!"

I find that Stan’s overall mannerisms and behaviour in this scene are really interesting and a really good example at what a good actor he is. I mean he starts out kind of solemn and looking a bit shocked when the journal is revealed. He even seems appreciative towards Dipper for showing him. And then he slips on a mask of mirth and indifference, even go as far as to taunt Dipper about it and call it a “magic book”, even though magic was never mentioned. 

He also deliberately seems to be holding it out of reach. Idk it’s kind of disturbing how easily he is able to act like this when he’s just been given the final piece of what I’m guessing is his life’s work? Or at least a project that means everything to him - enough to deceive the people who trust him. Just to laugh it off.

There’s just something really unsettling about Stan holding the Journal - I can’t put my finger on it. It just seems wrong. We don’t know what the portal he opened is, but we know it’s not exactly something good. Especially with Bill’s premonition of “a darkness approaching” looming over our heads.

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    Stan is a curious character! I want to know more about him in season 2!
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